Brewing Equipment

Office Coffee Service in Hagerstown

From traditional brewers to single-cup options, Hagerstown Canteen Service has the equipment you need to run an active office coffee service and cater to your unique coffee volume needs.

Beyond traditional brew equipment, we also offer single-cup options. As an authorized distributor of Flavia, we have complete access to all the latest equipment and coffee flavors. These brewers are great options for offices with multiple coffee preferences. Rather than brew a whole pot and people have to make do with what’s available, single-cup brewers let people cater each cup to his or herself. Beyond simply choosing the flavor, our machines allow for other adjustments, such as selecting coffee strength, water contact time, brew volume and control over the pre-infusion process. They also are able to offer specialty drinks, like café lattes and mochaccinos.

Traditional 3 Burner

This coffee brewer features multiple warmers to keep up to three decanters of coffee hot and ready to serve, and it's capable of brewing enough coffee for up to 60 cups per hour.

Traditional 3 Burner

Did you know that all of our brewing equipment are cleaned and maintained regularly?

Traditional Pour Over

Our unique drip-brew machines represent unparalleled commitment to superior service and high-quality construction. So, look to our pour-over coffee makers for the perfect brew, each time.

Coffee Airpots

Our multi-feature brewer includes a water level detection system that eliminates evaporation short pots, an adjustable brew safety light that flashes during the brew cycle, and a gravity hot water faucet system that dispenses hot water while brewing without altering the brew volume.


We offer Airpots, which can be removed from your traditional brewers once a batch is finished and let you serve hot, fresh coffee throughout the day.

Single Cup Brewers

The benefits of single-cup brewers are many. They’re convenient, allowing users to quickly brew a cup of coffee at a moment’s notice.

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