Water Filtration

Water Filtration Service in Hagerstown

Don’t let bad water quality get in the way of your office coffee offering. Hagerstown Canteen Service's water filtration service can give you great quality water to work in conjunction with an office coffee service or to deliver a great beverage on its own.

Our Interpure bottleless filtration systems are available in either floor or countertop models. Connecting directly to the tap, great tasting water is available at the touch of a button – hot or cold.

This is not a service we contract out. We do it all ourselves, meaning we’re essentially a one-stop shop for everything you need for your office coffee service.

If you’d rather solve your water issues without a filtration system, just ask about our “by the case” offering. We can provide cases of bottled water such as Dasani, Aquafina and Nestle Purelife to your location.

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