Vending Machines in Hagerstown

Hagerstown Canteen Service offers the latest in vending machine technologies. These state-of-the art machines not only improve reliability and energy efficiency, but they also improve the overall customer experience.

The Latest Advances in Technology

Mobile Vending Request App

The latest technology to hit our industry, we now offer an app to simplify service contacts. Whenever there’s a problem with a particular machine, the customer can visit the mobile site prominently displayed on the front of each machine and report it immediately. No more waiting to catch the route driver on his next visit or having to bother the facility manager with every issue.

Guaranteed Product Delivery Systems

Our machines employ Sure Vend technology, which utilizes a series of infrared beams to determine if a purchased product “drops,” or not. No more shaking machines! If a product fails to vend, the machine knows it and the customer’s money is automatically refunded.

Cashless Vending

Machines accept either credit or debit cards, which makes buying products much more convenient. Due to the costs involved with these machines, accounts need to be larger to accommodate the extra expense.


Wireless technologies built into the machines allow us to monitor inventories and determine which items are selling or not. From the customer’s standpoint, this helps us prevent product shortages and instances of empty racks. From our standpoint, we’re able to be more efficient in servicing machines. Our Light Speed Technology allows us to pre-kit our trucks with exactly what our customers need before ever leaving the warehouse. The result is quicker, more efficient service, which allows us to not have to charge for deliveries.

Energy Star

Even though they are more capable, featuring temperature controlled environments to keep food fresh longer, power consumption is greatly reduced with Energy Star efficient technologies and LED lighting. This results in lower customer costs to keep the machines plugged in, while also benefitting the environment as a whole.

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