Vending Machines and Office Coffee Service Front Royal

Vending Machines Front RoyalWhen you call Hagerstown Canteen Service, we will get you the best, brand name products in Front Royal, and stock them on-site for free. When it comes to vending services, office coffee and water delivery, no one even comes close to the service we provide. We're available 24/7 to take care of your vending needs.

It's the little things, like offering up snacks and beverages on-site, that have a huge effect on employee morale. When they see that you are doing something for them, they notice and work harder for you.  

Our new vending machines are stylish, energy efficient and very dependable. We have temperature controlled units with infrared technology. This insures that you get the product you request or an immediate credit and that the product you want is fresh. We place vending machines for free, then fill and service them for free also.
We have:

  • vending machines with hot and cold food
  • candy vending machines
  • coffee vending machines
  • snack vending machine
  • vending machines with healthy and nutritious selections
  • vending machines with energy and sport drinks

If you have a large staff, Hagerstown Canteen Service can also designate an area of your office and install a custom Micro Market. In addition to traditional vending services, other options for vending in Front Royal include subsidized vending or free vending.

Office coffee will never be the same when Hagerstown Canteen Service takes over the upkeep of your break room. We have name brand coffees and teas, brewing equipment and everything that goes into the making of great coffee and teas. You'll never be stuck leaving the office for those items. Creamers, sugar, sweeteners, cups, filters, napkins, plates and utensils all fully stocked in your break room for twenty four hour availability, taking care of any work shift your business runs.

Great tasting water is a must in your Front Royal office. Better water means better coffee. That's why we offer plumbed in water filtration to all of our Front Royal customers.

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Office Coffee Service Front Royal


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